30 Seconds To Mars — From Yesterday

He’s a stranger to some
And a vision to none
He can never get enough,
Get enough of the one

For a fortune he’d quit
But it’s hard to admit
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30 Seconds To Mars — Edge of the Earth

You know enough to know the way
Six billion people just one name (I found)
I found tomorrow in today
Apocalyptic and insane, my dreams will never change

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30 Seconds To Mars — Closer to the Edge

I don’t remember a moment I tried to forget
I lost myself, is it better not said
I’m closer to the edge

It was a thousand and one and a million to two
Time to go down in flames and I’m taking you
Closer to the edge

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3 Doors Down — Away from the Sun

It’s down to this
I’ve got to make this life make sense
Can anyone tell what I’ve done
I miss the life
I miss the colors of the world
Can anyone tell where I am

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